At Resolute Sport Psychology and Science, services are provided to a diverse group of clientele, sports and activities and includes anyone who is seeking to enhance their performance through mental skills training and/ or sports science testing and research. Some of the demographic includes:

Sports and exercise professionals and enthusiasts

  • Athletes of all expertise levels: recreational, elite and professional
  • Coaches, umpires, referees, and other technical officials
  • Sports federations and Olympic Committees
  • Sport clubs (recreational, elite and professional)

Manage anxiety, improve concentration and motivation, set goals, improve leadership skills, and more.

Defence and first responder personnel

Military personnel, policemen, firemen, paramedics and others: increase self-efficacy, self-confidence, concentration skills and more.

Administrative professionals and students

Managers and their team of administrators, employees and students: improve communication methods, build team dynamic, increase concentration skills and more.

Media professionals

Television presenters, radio personalities, etc.: build self-efficacy, improve communicative skills and more.

The performing arts

Any type of performer in the field of acting, dance and music: decrease anxiety, improve self-confidence, and more.